Greene County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  19 Jun 1799Greene County, Tennessee I12582
2 Biggs, Jane  5 May 1785Greene County, Tennessee I8301
3 Clift, Colonel William  5 Dec 1795Greene County, Tennessee I3
4 Cloninger, Susan E.  Greene County, Tennessee I20477
5 Cummings, Margaret J.  Greene County, Tennessee I5821
6 Davis, Mary  5 May 1786Greene County, Tennessee I16760
7 Elder, Dortha M.  Greene County, Tennessee I6089
8 Elder, Effey  Greene County, Tennessee I6094
9 Elder, Eliza J.  0Feb 1855Greene County, Tennessee I6084
10 Elder, George A.  22 Feb 1874Greene County, Tennessee I6092
11 Elder, John C.  Greene County, Tennessee I6088
12 Elder, Leatty  Greene County, Tennessee I6090
13 Elder, Mary L.  Greene County, Tennessee I6085
14 Elder, Peter A.  Greene County, Tennessee I6086
15 Elder, Samantha E.  Greene County, Tennessee I6087
16 Elder, Smith  Greene County, Tennessee I6091
17 Elder, William F.  18 Sep 1854Greene County, Tennessee I6083
18 Hixson, Ephraim  14 Oct 1797Greene County, Tennessee I1437
19 Hughes, Hezekiah Francis  Greene County, Tennessee I13014
20 Hughes, John  Greene County, Tennessee I23901
21 Lones, Henry Washington  22 Jan 1853Greene County, Tennessee I20476
22 Morgan, Charles Pinkney  2 Sep 1851Greene County, Tennessee I5590
23 Morgan, Elizabeth Ann  13 Mar 1859Greene County, Tennessee I5614
24 Morgan, Harriet Emaline  12 Mar 1857Greene County, Tennessee I5613
25 Morgan, James Grant  30 Jul 1869Greene County, Tennessee I5618
26 Morgan, Jonathan  1 Apr 1827Greene County, Tennessee I5610
27 Morgan, Lethia Louvina  13 Oct 1864Greene County, Tennessee I5616
28 Morgan, Lewis Anderson  3 Jun 1853Greene County, Tennessee I5624
29 Morgan, Mary Patience  11 Jun 1861Greene County, Tennessee I5615
30 Morgan, Sarah Jane  3 Mar 1855Greene County, Tennessee I5612
31 Morgan, Susan Caroline  5 Apr 1867Greene County, Tennessee I5617
32 Mysinger, Joseph A.  12 Nov 1847Greene County, Tennessee I5555
33 Mysinger, Samuel  Greene County, Tennessee I5553
34 Skiles, Ephriam Jackson  Greene County, Tennessee I7894
35 Weese, Michael  Greene County, Tennessee I27416
36 White, Robert D.  25 Jun 1805Greene County, Tennessee I381


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elder, Elizabeth Ann  2 Dec 1885Greene County, Tennessee I5611
2 Lovelady, John  Greene County, Tennessee I5241
3 Morgan, Elizabeth Ann  7 Nov 1892Greene County, Tennessee I5614
4 Morgan, Lethia Louvina  0Oct 1885Greene County, Tennessee I5616
5 Morgan, Lewis Anderson  17 Sep 1857Greene County, Tennessee I5624
6 Shadwick, Alma  28 May 2008Greene County, Tennessee I12807


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Elder / Cummings  13 Dec 1853Greene County, Tennessee F2607
2 Morgan / Elder  7 Nov 1850Greene County, Tennessee F2504