Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bean, Frank L.  8 Aug 1912Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I3533
2 Burchard, Leonora Odessa  13 Jun 1890Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I18968
3 Card, Sarah Frances  15 Jul 1872Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I17896
4 Clements, Allie George Edna  27 Mar 1905Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I21260
5 Clements, Charles W.  20 Sep 1903Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I21259
6 Clements, James Arlie  10 Apr 1902Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I4708
7 Clements, Nora Ellen  25 Jun 1908Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I21263
8 Creasman, Blanche   I20335
9 Creasman, Ellen   I20334
10 Creasman, George Jethro  12 Aug 1876Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I20332
11 Creasman, James Edison   I20338
12 Creasman, Warren A.   I20337
13 Creasman, William L.   I20336
14 De Fore, Robert Eugene   I8263
15 Elsea, John S.  4 Feb 1888Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I7255
16 Everett, Ina Elizabeth  30 Sep 1877Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I12850
17 Goins, Maude L.  25 Apr 1918Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I6760
18 Green, Melvin Albert  28 Aug 1889Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I27127
19 Grimsley, John Franklin  29 Aug 1892Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I26541
20 Hickman, David Odell  29 Mar 1861Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I9628
21 Jenkins, Seaborn  25 Jul 1912Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I11696
22 Johnson, Barbara Esther   I17328
23 Johnson, Curtis Linton  Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I17327
24 Johnson, Nancy   I17331
25 Johnson, Opal   I17330
26 Johnson, Reba   I17329
27 Jordan, Elizabeth Aldine  9 May 1918Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I18740
28 Jordan, Thelma   I18738
29 Jordan, William R.   I18739
30 Landreth, Albert Washington  16 Feb 1891Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I16818
31 Morgan, Darius Scott  21 Mar 1887Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I30242
32 Nail, Mary Elizabeth  19 Sep 1919Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I11697
33 Nale, Archie Lee  27 Nov 1908Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I14931
34 Poe, Francis Eugene  12 Jul 1926Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I14318
35 Powell, Carol D.  3 Aug 1940Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I8792
36 Powell, Jo Ann  Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I8795
37 Powell, Joseph F.  Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I8793
38 Standifer, Easter Irene   I8794
39 Weeks, Edna Marie  19 Sep 1909Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I14616
40 Weeks, Mary Ella  1906Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I8638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beene, Harold Edwin  24 Jan 1998Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I4133
2 Bond, Lydia  3 Aug 1951Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I19006
3 Bowman, Milford Claude  7 Jun 2006Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I13449
4 Burchard, Cora Ann  22 Sep 1971Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I18906
5 Carden, Arthur Clay  18 Dec 1974Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I17689
6 Carey, Eugene  15 Nov 1998Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I11911
7 Carney, John Avery  5 Jan 1970Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I11148
8 Crawley, Laura Bell  15 Aug 1929Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I17409
9 Creasman, George Jethro  13 Aug 1968Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I20332
10 Culver, Brenda L.  6 Sep 2005Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I9156
11 Cunningham, Mary Alice  9 Jun 1956Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I30591
12 Gallahan, James E.  5 Jan 1978Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I18707
13 Gentry, Florence A.  0Jan 1984Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I10297
14 Hambrick, Addie Lee  16 Oct 1958Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I20333
15 Henry, Dewitt Talmadge  25 May 1983Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I3207
16 Jenkins, Seaborn  21 Jan 1938Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I11696
17 Pickett, Bell  19 Dec 1950Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I25333
18 Rigsby, Sarah Jane  9 Jun 1905Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I27036
19 Snyder, Marshall  1 Jan 1996Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I19483
20 Springfield, Mary Thelma  16 Jun 1982Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I5440
21 Thurman, Willadean  28 Mar 2009Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I4134
22 Varner, Ethel Elizabeth  5 Jan 1974Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I3215
23 Wilson, Grace  9 Feb 1978Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I6203


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Jordan, Caroline Kitty  29 Aug 1940Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee I7730


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McClanahan / Brumlow  19 Mar 1927Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee F2277
2 Penney / Pickett  18 Oct 1930Graysville, Rhea County, Tennessee F1641