James County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barbee, Nancy A.  May 1890James County, Tennessee I5362 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
2 Barbee, Rachel S.  Abt 1879James County, Tennessee I5364 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
3 Barbee, Sarah M.  Dec 1897James County, Tennessee I5356 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
4 Berley, Addie A.  1896James County, Tennessee I6424 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
5 Brooks, James Wiley  11 Apr 1885James County, Tennessee I22632 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
6 Campbell, Gracie E.  28 Feb 1895James County, Tennessee I10124 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
7 Campbell, Laila B.  17 Aug 1891James County, Tennessee I10122 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
8 Campbell, Viola B.  Abt 1893James County, Tennessee I10123 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
9 Crites, G. Hassel  Abt 1901James County, Tennessee I4844 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
10 Crites, Thomas Leland  8 Nov 1897James County, Tennessee I4843 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
11 Cross, Margaret Jane  7 Apr 1851James County, Tennessee I9789 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
12 Crouch, Frank R.  25 Nov 1904James County, Tennessee I6113 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
13 Davis, Elizabeth Emma  17 Aug 1889James County, Tennessee I16528 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
14 Denton, George Carroll  14 Dec 1883James County, Tennessee I27298 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
15 Faith, Minnie  Nov 1892James County, Tennessee I249 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
16 Gentry, Rev. Charles Thomas  27 Jan 1872James County, Tennessee I10295 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
17 Gentry, Franklin  Abt 1876James County, Tennessee I18948 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
18 Gentry, Laura C.  Abt 1879James County, Tennessee I18949 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
19 Good, Arley Huston  19 Apr 1880James County, Tennessee I4851 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
20 Good, Fred Melvin  Abt 1908James County, Tennessee I8635 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
21 Good, John Arthur  16 Nov 1896James County, Tennessee I4850 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
22 Good, Mary M.  Aug 1881James County, Tennessee I4856 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
23 Good, Nancy E.  28 Oct 1885James County, Tennessee I4852 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
24 Haney, Dessa  Abt 1882James County, Tennessee I6844 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
25 Haney, Eugene Newton  16 Aug 1877James County, Tennessee I6842 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
26 Haney, John  Abt 1879James County, Tennessee I6840 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
27 Haney, Laudnum  Abt 1878James County, Tennessee I6841 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
28 Haney, Sarah Elizabeth  27 Feb 1872James County, Tennessee I6831 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
29 Haney, William  Abt 1885James County, Tennessee I6843 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
30 Harrill, Ellen M.  Abt 1876James County, Tennessee I6239 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
31 Harrill, James G.  Abt 1875James County, Tennessee I6238 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
32 Harrill, Nita Bell  20 May 1873James County, Tennessee I6237 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
33 Hixson, Andrew Jackson  Abt 1848James County, Tennessee I16073 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
34 Igou, John Whaley  9 Jan 1885James County, Tennessee I952 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
35 Isom, Mary Abbie  27 Feb 1879James County, Tennessee I26830 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
36 Moon, James Benjamin  19 Dec 1896James County, Tennessee I10126 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
37 Norris, Susan  Abt 1878James County, Tennessee I4842 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
38 Pendergrass, Lena  Abt 1892James County, Tennessee I9599 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
39 Pendergrass, Martha E.  13 Oct 1884James County, Tennessee I1550 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
40 Pendergrass, Nola  Abt 1894James County, Tennessee I9600 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
41 Pendergrass, Thomas L.  Abt 1887James County, Tennessee I9597 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
42 Pendergrass, William M.  Abt 1899James County, Tennessee I9602 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
43 Petty, Alfred K.  4 Feb 1877James County, Tennessee I1153 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
44 Petty, Alice Penelope  Feb 1867James County, Tennessee I1150 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
45 Petty, George Lafayette  16 Dec 1875James County, Tennessee I1152 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
46 Petty, Grover Cleveland  30 Nov 1892James County, Tennessee I6481 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
47 Petty, Mamie A.  Abt 1882James County, Tennessee I6815 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
48 Petty, Mary Jane  Abt 1869James County, Tennessee I1151 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
49 Petty, Sara Elizabeth  24 Jan 1872James County, Tennessee I1147 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
50 Poe, Rebecca Jane  12 Jan 1841James County, Tennessee I12640 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 McCormack, Epsidelia D.  16 Dec 1916James County, Tennessee I19166 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
2 Reneau, Sara Malissa  Abt 1918James County, Tennessee I1149 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barbee /   1889James County, Tennessee F2412 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
2 Pendergrass /   26 Mar 1913James County, Tennessee F4734 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
3 Reneau / Posey  Abt 1888James County, Tennessee F2840 Soddy-Daisy-Roots 
4 Stulce / Henry  6 Aug 1916James County, Tennessee F1600 Soddy-Daisy-Roots