Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Carey, Ellen Mae  24 Aug 1900Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I11913
2 Carey, Grace Bell  24 Dec 1903Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I11914
3 Davis, Jessie Aldine  21 Apr 1894Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I12075
4 Dempsey, Bobby  24 May 1944Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I18294
5 Griffith, Donald E.  Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I23741
6 Hudson, Mina Nadine  15 Feb 1928Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I17424
7 Pease, Tula J.  16 Jun 1895Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I11938
8 Pickett, Daniel Foster  3 May 1879Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I7202
9 Pickett, George Washington Oscar  17 Sep 1915Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I26723
10 Worley, Cleon   I20584
11 Worley, Herman A.  30 Apr 1908Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I20583
12 Worley, Mattie Lou  17 Sep 1886Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I20593
13 Worley, Neva Odell  9 Oct 1912Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I20581
14 Worley, William Perry  Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I20592


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Colonel Josiah McNair  0Nov 1861Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I190
2 Cowan, Sarah  18 Jan 1926Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I23967
3 Deakins, Edgar Carl  5 Jun 1973Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I12978
4 Elsea, Nancy Ethel  17 Oct 1965Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I7340
5 Layne, Laura  18 Oct 1953Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I17212
6 Morgan, Darius Scott  26 Oct 1985Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I30242
7 Pickett, George Washington  14 Sep 1943Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I23966
8 Shadwick, Earnest Ray  14 Sep 1973Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I12795
9 Varner, George Washington  27 Aug 1941Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I5639
10 Williams, Lewis Almus  6 Mar 2000Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I12823
11 Worley, Henry Paul  24 Sep 1995Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I17221
12 Worley, James A.  1 Apr 1936Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I20578
13 Worley, Jane Alice  5 Mar 1942Whitwell, Marion County, Tennessee I20590