Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Jane Alicia  Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I16635
2 Alexander, Steven Marsden  Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I2394
3 Burnett, John Quincy  1 Dec 1860Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I24461
4 Errett, Elizabeth   I1396
5 Gaines, Steve Edward   I1495
6 Harris, Charlcie  16 Jul 1927Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I8409
7 McClure, Mary Jane  6 May 1930Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I22019
8 Neil, Servais Evrard   I1395
9 Phillips, Colby William   I1455
10 Ray, Anna Beth   I1451
11 Ray, Erica Leigh   I1450
12 Ressler, Aaron Kendall   I10998
13 Ressler, William Steven   I10997
14 Smith, Elbert Sevier  Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I10473
15 Tindell, Martha Ann Elizabeth  Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I10474
16 Varnell, Nancy  27 Aug 1947Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I18846
17 Vaughan, Elizabeth Ann   I1348
18 Vaughan, Leslie Sue   I1351
19 Vaughan, Mary Lea   I1349


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ault, Charles C.  3 Jan 1935Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I25837
2 Blacker, Harry Alfred  26 Mar 1958Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I23438
3 Burchard, Blaine Edward  14 Jun 1990Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I18978
4 Burkhart, Mildred Elizabeth  27 Nov 1956Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I19399
5 Card, Charlsie  6 Aug 1924Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I11509
6 Card, Pearl Marie  4 Aug 2003Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I18242
7 Clift, Benjamin Phillip  24 Apr 2001Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I67
8 Davis, James Thomas  26 Apr 2002Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I26864
9 Denton, Fritts  10 Jun 1958Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I22139
10 Franklin, Mildred Leatrice  14 Oct 1979Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I18066
11 Gann, James  28 Jan 1863Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I406
12 Hensley, Jimmie Ruth  5 Mar 2013Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I16984
13 Hoff, Benjamin Stout  27 Jul 1896Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I18136
14 Jenkins, Arthur Augustus  29 Aug 1970Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I1288
15 Kile, Judge Dall  5 Nov 2004Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I13179
16 Kirtley, Betty Lee  9 Jan 2000Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I18246
17 Kirtley, Robert Lee  18 Oct 1991Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I18245
18 Langston, Mamie Lee  16 Jul 1953Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I25596
19 Lewis, Joseph Henry  22 Oct 1958Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I5890
20 Pickett, Louis  25 Mar 1997Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I7205
21 Poe, Samuel Porter  16 Nov 1948Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I159
22 Raines, Elizabeth Jane  18 Feb 1951Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I6097
23 Roe, Charles Wesley  25 Oct 1951Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I27342
24 Skiles, Arnold Ray  27 Jul 2005Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I7876
25 Stephenson, John Bird  30 May 1937Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I19699
26 Thompson, Majorie Lee  23 Sep 1998Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I13194
27 Tipton, Nancy Victoria  13 Jun 2010Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I17649
28 Wallace, Arthur H.  7 Mar 1990Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee I17878


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hair / Miller  1835Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee F483
2 Phillips / Vaughan   F790
3 Vaughan / Green   F782