James County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barbee, Nancy A.  0May 1890James County, Tennessee I5362
2 Barbee, Rachel S.  James County, Tennessee I5364
3 Barbee, Sarah M.  0Dec 1897James County, Tennessee I5356
4 Berley, Addie A.  James County, Tennessee I6424
5 Brooks, James Wiley  11 Apr 1885James County, Tennessee I22631
6 Campbell, Gracie E.  28 Feb 1895James County, Tennessee I10124
7 Campbell, Laila B.  17 Aug 1891James County, Tennessee I10122
8 Campbell, Viola B.  James County, Tennessee I10123
9 Crites, G. Hassel  James County, Tennessee I4844
10 Crites, Thomas Leland  8 Nov 1897James County, Tennessee I4843
11 Cross, Margaret Jane  7 Apr 1851James County, Tennessee I9789
12 Crouch, Frank R.  25 Nov 1904James County, Tennessee I6113
13 Davis, Elizabeth Emma  17 Aug 1889James County, Tennessee I16527
14 Denton, George Carroll  14 Dec 1883James County, Tennessee I27297
15 Faith, Minnie  0Nov 1892James County, Tennessee I249
16 Gentry, Rev. Charles Thomas  27 Jan 1872James County, Tennessee I10295
17 Gentry, Franklin  James County, Tennessee I18947
18 Gentry, Laura C.  James County, Tennessee I18948
19 Good, Arley Huston  19 Apr 1880James County, Tennessee I4851
20 Good, Fred Melvin  James County, Tennessee I8635
21 Good, John Arthur  16 Nov 1896James County, Tennessee I4850
22 Good, Mary M.  0Aug 1881James County, Tennessee I4856
23 Good, Nancy E.  28 Oct 1885James County, Tennessee I4852
24 Haney, Dessa  James County, Tennessee I6844
25 Haney, Eugene Newton  16 Aug 1877James County, Tennessee I6842
26 Haney, John  James County, Tennessee I6840
27 Haney, Laudnum  James County, Tennessee I6841
28 Haney, Sarah Elizabeth  27 Feb 1872James County, Tennessee I6831
29 Haney, William  James County, Tennessee I6843
30 Hixson, Andrew Jackson  James County, Tennessee I16072
31 Igou, John Whaley  9 Jan 1885James County, Tennessee I952
32 Isom, Mary Abbie  27 Feb 1879James County, Tennessee I26829
33 Moon, James Benjamin  19 Dec 1896James County, Tennessee I10126
34 Norris, Susan  James County, Tennessee I4842
35 Pendergrass, Lena  James County, Tennessee I9599
36 Pendergrass, Martha E.  13 Oct 1884James County, Tennessee I1550
37 Pendergrass, Nola  James County, Tennessee I9600
38 Pendergrass, Thomas L.  James County, Tennessee I9597
39 Pendergrass, William M.  James County, Tennessee I9602
40 Petty, Alfred K.  4 Feb 1877James County, Tennessee I1153
41 Petty, Alice Penelope  0Feb 1867James County, Tennessee I1150
42 Petty, George Lafayette  16 Dec 1875James County, Tennessee I1152
43 Petty, Grover Cleveland  30 Nov 1892James County, Tennessee I6481
44 Petty, Mamie A.  James County, Tennessee I6815
45 Petty, Mary Jane  James County, Tennessee I1151
46 Petty, Sara Elizabeth  24 Jan 1872James County, Tennessee I1147
47 Poe, Rebecca Jane  12 Jan 1841James County, Tennessee I12640
48 Reneau, Barsha E.  James County, Tennessee I6433
49 Reneau, John L.  James County, Tennessee I6434
50 Reneau, Mary E.  0Mar 1880James County, Tennessee I6435

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Holder, Susan Jane  James County, Tennessee I18187
2 Howard, Eleanor  7 Jan 1886James County, Tennessee I29681
3 Lewis, David  6 Feb 1892James County, Tennessee I18186
4 McCormack, Epsidelia D.  16 Dec 1916James County, Tennessee I19165
5 Reneau, Sara Malissa  James County, Tennessee I1149


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barbee /   1889James County, Tennessee F2412
2 Pendergrass /   26 Mar 1913James County, Tennessee F4734
3 Reneau / Posey  Abt 1888James County, Tennessee F2840
4 Stulce / Henry  6 Aug 1916James County, Tennessee F1600