What is the Soddy-Daisy-Roots Project?

Tha Soddy-Daisy-Roots Project is a non-commerical project which is financed solely by its initiators. No information is bought or sold. Anyone may use the website free of charge. Contributors give their information to the Soddy-Daisy-Roots project with the understanding that they will not be paid and that their information will not be sold, but displayed free of charge on the Internet.

What is the goal of the Soddy-Daisy-Roots Project?

Our goal is to document the genealogies of all the families in the Soddy-Daisy area and connect them to each other from the earliest ancestors who resided in this area of Hamilton County Tennessee to the youngest descendants. The genealogical data in the online database is restricted to the ancestor who came to and settled in this area of Hamilton County and his or her parents, but includes all of his or her descendants. The Soddy-Daisy-Roots project does not attempt to publish entire family genealogies, but restricts its scope to Soddy-Daisy settlers and their numerous descendants.

Clay Mills "Buck" Johnson (1926 - 2020)

A beloved teacher and coach who later became an award-winning sports writer, died Saturday, June 27, 2020 at the age of 93. He was best known for his popular column “The Buck Stops Here’’ in The Chattanooga Times. Johnson graduated from Soddy-Daisy High School in 1944 and was inducted into the inaugural Soddy-Daisy Hall of Fame in 2008.